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Complete List of Features


New in AVS 8.1

  • VAST / VPAID Video Ads in AVS HTML5 Player

New in AVS 8.0

  • Template completely re-designed and re-written on Bootstrap 4
  • Configurable Video Conversion Queue for optimizing CPU resources
  • Video Thumbnails
  • Chunked Upload (to bypass the Cloudflare 100MB upload limit)
  • Tags section
  • Brand new Nested Comments system, with replies, likes and sorting options
  • Search "As-You-Type" Suggestions
  • Video Grabber "Remove Intro" Option
  • Redesigned Subscription Feed
  • Configurable number of thumbnail columns

New in AVS 7.0

  • completely recoded for PHP 7 compatibility
  • smarty engine upgraded to latest version (3.0)
  • mySQLi extension (MySQL Improved) implemented

New in AVS 6.0

  • brand new video transcoding (conversion) engine:
    • based only on FFmpeg, eliminating a large number of other requirements (mencoder, flvtool2, mp4box, mediainfo, neroaacencoder, etc)
    • much faster video transcoding compared to the old engine, while delivering a higher video quality
    • option to create an unlimited number of resolution profiles, that the video will be converted to, each configurable with several options
    • preloaded with standard resolution profiles 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p. These can be edited, de-activated, removed, while several other resolution profiles can be added, including 4K
    • configurable quality and compression for each resolution profile
    • the script can run on any linux shared hosting, including ones without ffmpeg support (a breakthrough performance for video website scripts, achieved only by AVS)

  • html5 video player updated to support unlimited resolutions switch option

New in AVS 5.0

  • brand new HTML 5 video player, replacing the outdated Flash-based player, adding new features like:
    • video playback on any device, including ones with no Flash support (mobile phones, tablets)
    • skip throughout the video without the necessity of Lighttpd
    • timeline preview
    • overlay banner ads

  • csv importer plugin (paid plugin)
  • automatic mass embedder (paid plugin)
  • several bugfixes

New in AVS 4.0

  • completely redesigned Admin Panel, packed with a lot new features:
    • responsive template, rendered perfectly on any smartphone/tablet
    • ajax-based improved user interface
    • home dashboard with statistics and graphs, server info, news, etc
    • upload website and player logo
    • insert google analytics
    • system check with auto-repair (paths, permissions). paths auto-detection.
    • advanced thumbnails system (remove black bars, keep aspect ratio)
    • notifications system for easier management of flagged / new content for approval
    • multi-selection option for content (approval, deletion, etc)
    • video grabber live progress bar
    • new wysiwyg static pages editor

  • facebook/google signup/login
  • google reCaptcha 2 integration
  • iframe-based embed code with mobile support (html5)

New in AVS 3.0

  • fully redesigned/rewritten template, with several color schemes available
  • responsive template, based on Bootstrap, that adapts for any device screen
  • premium membership system, with limits and permissions for different user levels
  • mobile phone and tablet video/photo uploads, including directly from their camera
  • redesigned video player
  • html5 video player fallback
  • responsive video player, on video pages, blog pages, etc (both Flash and HTML5 players)
  • new voting system, based on likes/dislikes
  • responsive ads support (Google AdSense Responsive Ads, etc)
  • responsive embedded videos
  • several interface/functionality tweaks and improvements

Introducing AVS 2.2 Non-Adult

Due to a high demand, we have created a parallel version of AVS, completely cleaned up of adult-related in-script content. You can now fully benefit from AVS' wide range of features and reliability for your non-adult video website.

  • completely cleaned up of adult-related texts, titles, options, user profile fields, etc
  • new user profile fields
  • added video description field
  • new video player skin
  • available Youtube (HD) video grabber and mass embedder (sold separately, included in the Video Grabber Plugin and Mass Embedder Plugin packages)
  • available Vimeo (HD) and DailyMotion (HD) video grabbers (sold separately, included in the Video Grabber Plugin package)

New in AVS 2.0

  • brand new Video Conversion Engine, rewritten from scratch
  • HD video conversion using the H.264 codec
  • mobile video conversion using the H.264 codec
  • ability to separately convert videos in both version, SD (FLV) and HD (H.264 MP4) and switch between modes from the video player
  • advanced video format detection, avoiding useless re-conversion, in order to limit resource usage
  • dinamically sized video player
  • several interface design improvements
  • new templates
  • redesigned Admin Panel interface
  • several Admin Panel improvements and configuration options

New in AVS 1.3

  • new language files (czech, danish, japanese, turkish)
  • new template (green/black)
  • video sitemap generator

New in AVS 1.2

  • lighttpd streaming support (you can skip to any position in the video even if it is not fully (pre)loaded)
  • automatically embed videos from 7 top adult video sites (paid plugin)
  • users can delete whole albums
  • multi-server support with easy configuration from the admin panel (paid plugin)
  • multi-language system using language files
  • users can edit video details
  • multi-template support
  • new css templates
  • cloud popular tags
  • iphone / mobile version, with mp4 h.264 conversion, web app mode, fully ajaxified (paid plugin)

Core Features (AVS 1.0)

  • users can upload videos (more than 20 formats available)
  • upload progress bar for video uploads
  • users can view video live (live streaming)
  • users can comment on videos (spam protection) (via ajax) (comments ajax pagination)
  • users can flag videos (via ajax)
  • users can rate videos (via ajax)
  • users can embed videos
  • users can share videos (via ajax)
  • users can view related videos (via ajax)
  • videos page sorted by timeline, category and type (private/public)
Backend (Administration Panel)
  • grab videos from 8 major porn sites
  • manage videos (delete/approve/suspend/feature/unfeature/edit)
  • manage video comments
  • manage spam and flagged videos
Photo Galleries
  • users can upload photos and organize photos in photo albums (jpg, gif and png)
  • users can comment on photos (spam protection) (via ajax) (comments ajax pagination)
  • users can flag photos (via ajax)
  • users can rate photos (via ajax)
  • users can share photos (via ajax)
  • users can view photo album slideshows
Backend (Administration Panel)
  • manage photos and albums (delete/approve/suspend)
  • manage photo comments
  • manage spam and flagged photos
  • users can upload porn games (swf extension)
  • users can play porn games
  • users can comment games
  • users can rate games
  • users can share games
Backend (Administration Panel)
  • manage games (delete/approve/suspend/edit)
  • manage game comments
  • manage spam and flagged games
  • users can create blogs
  • users can embed photos and videos on their blog (via ajax)
  • users can comment blogs (via ajax)
Backend (Administration Panel)
  • manage blogs (delete/approve/suspend/edit)
  • manage blog comments
  • community page
  • users have their personal profile page
  • users can configure what to be listed on their profile page
  • users can configure what emails to receive
  • users can invite friends (via ajax)
  • users can comment on other users profile (via ajax)
  • users can send messages to other users
  • users can report other users (via ajax)
  • users can subscribe to other users
  • users can edit their profile
  • users can upload and crop a avatar
  • users can easily approve/reject friends
  • users can monitor other users actions (when they upload videos/photos/games/blogs)
  • user wall
  • users ordered by gender
Backend (Administration Panel)
  • manage users (add/delete/suspend/edit)
  • email users (or mass email)
  • advanced search (users can customize the search results) (via ajax)
  • users can search videos, photos, games and other users
Admin Blog / Announcements
  • admins can create a blog / news / announcements section on the website
  • user can comment on the admin blog / news / announcements
  • admin can receive emails from visitors through the support / feedback page
  • category page
  • for each category, a category cover image can be displayed, or its latest videos (ajax)
Backend (Administration Panel)
  • manage categories (add/delete/edit)
  • over 20 advertising spots throughout the website
  • rotating ads (advertising groups)
  • pre/post roll video/image/flash ads in the video player
  • text ads in video player during playback (at the bottom)
Administration Panel
  • ability to control every aspect of the site
  • configure mail settings (php mail, sendmail or smtp server)
  • configure video conversion settings (for SD, HD and mobile)
  • edit static pages (preview via ajax)
  • edit email templates
  • configure video player
  • limit guest visitors bandwidth / access
  • system check (check folder permissions and required codecs)
  • media settings (configure maximum upload size allowed and video formats allowed)
  • enable/disable photo galleries, games and blogs modules
  • enable/disable email verification
  • enable/disable video, games, photo, user comments
  • select rating by ip or by user
  • select sessions driver (database/files)
  • optimized database structure and queries for a super-fast website
  • clean code (can be easily customized)
  • secure code (input filtering)
  • search engine friendly URLs (SEO)
  • video conversion / encoding done in background processes
  • smarty template engine with easy template switch from admin panel
  • multi-language system with language files
  • spam protection (recaptcha / keycaptcha / areyouhuman integrations, comment anti-flood protection)

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