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Integrated Webcam Plugins

Add Webcam Recorder, Webcam Chat and Live Broadcasting to your AVS-based website.

These plugins can extend your adult video sharing community with features that really make the difference and leave your competitors way behind.
Video Recorder

Allows users to record and share genuine on-demand videos with their webcams, producing unique original video content.

Video Conference

Turns passive viewers into active participants in live webcam chat rooms letting them exchange personal opinions, know other members, bond, become website fans and probably revenue generating customers.

Live Broadcast

Stream video instantly and snapshots will show on home page pointing to the user's profile page where site visitors can watch the live video and discuss online.

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Requirements:   AVS 2.1 and its server requirements RTMP hosting, or one of the following RTMP media server software: Adobe Flash Media Server (1.5 to 3.5), Red5 Open Source Server (v0.7-0.9+ with JDK6) or Wowza Media Server (v2 with JDK6) The Webcam Recorder requires the media server software to be on the same physical server as the web server

Limited Edition (Free)
  • Fully integrated with AVS
  • Video Conference: Maximum 10 users per room, maximum 4 rooms, one video stream slot is used to display a free mode ad, 2 maximum simultaneous video streams viewed, instead of 3;
  • Webcam Recorder: limited recording time (10 minutes), free mode ads;
  • Live Video Broadcast: 10 maximum users for each stream, free mode ads, in-chat starting trial message.

The Free Edition can be downloaded from the Client Area.

Unlimited Edition ($250)
  • Fully integrated with AVS
  • Free installation
  • No limitations
  • No ads

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