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Mobile Frontend Plugin

Allow visitors to browse your website and watch videos directly on their iPhone, iPad and other smartphones and tablets, through the browser or the Web App!


  • Enables an unique mobile experience
  • Stay ahead of the competition (few video websites have mobile version)
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Compatible with all modern Smartphones and Tablets (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.)
  • High video quality (videos are converted to mobile-ready MP4 format with H.264 codec)
  • Stylish, yet fast loading interface
  • Fully AJAX-ified
  • Tabbed navigation
  • Fully makes use of HTML5 / CSS3 features
  • Can act as a stand-alone Web App on iPhone (accessible from the Home Screen, fullscreen portrait/landscape layout, no browser controls or bars, video and audio loaded directly in player)
  • iPhone / iPad / Android detection and auto-redirection
  • Fully configurable from the Admin Panel (conversion settings, display settings, etc)


  • Completely AJAX-based navigation / interaction (no page refreshing)
  • Stylish, yet fast loading interface, fully makes use of CSS3/HTML5
  • AJAX loading animation
  • Automatically hides browser URL bar for fullscreen experience
  • Perfectly fits the mobile devices screens(in both portrait and landscape) with scaling/zoom prevention
  • Fully cache-able (all files under the 25KB iPhone cache file-size limit)
  • Standalone template, can be easily switched / customized
  • iPhone/iPad detection and auto-redirection
  • Easy navigation
  • Configurable number of videos per page
  • Display / Sort videos by Most recent / Most Viewed / Highest Rated
  • Different displayed fields for Most recent / Most viewed / Highest rated
  • Search in titles, tags and description
  • Display number of search results
  • Search box placeholder
  • Display video thumbnail
Video Conversion & Admin Panel Settings
  • MP4/H.264 Mobile-ready, high-quality, low-bitrate video conversion
  • Configurable conversion parameters (resize on/off, resizing dimensions, number of passes, video bitrate, audio bitrate, audio sampling rate)
  • Integrated with Video Grabber Module
  • Grabbed videos are converted as well
  • Turn auto-redirection ON / OFF
  • Turn mobile conversion ON / OFF
  • Videos that fail to convert to Mobile MP4 format are not displayed in the mobile interface, while they can appear on the main website (if SD/HD conversion is successful)
iOS Web App Mode
  • The module can act as a standalone iPhone/iPad Web App
  • Accessible from iPhone/iPad Home Screen
  • Customizable Home Screen icon
  • Customizable iPhone toolbar (default, black, transparent)
  • No browser controls or toolbars, completely fullscreen
  • Works in both Portrait and Landscape orientation
  • Opens the video and audio directly in Video Player, not through Safari. Returns in the App, not Safari

Try the live demo on your mobile device

Requirements:  Mencoder / FFMPEG with libx264 and libfaac

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